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Transgender Breast Augmentation (MTF Surgery)
Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Q believes that every person should feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, and that’s why she loves performing body-contouring surgeries like breast augmentation for her transgender patients.

Transgender Breast Augmentation

As a body-contouring expert, Dr. Q truly enjoys helping her transgender patients on their journey toward their physical and emotional goals. During your consultation, she will discuss which type of breast implants would be most appropriate for you based on your body anatomy, size preferences, and desired outcomes. Everyone is entitled to feel beautiful, and Dr. Q is committed to helping her patients achieve their goals in this regard.

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Surgical Techniques

Dr. Q takes the time to carefully examine each patient’s anatomy and to customize their breast augmentation procedure accordingly. Patients with very flat chests may benefit from saline implants, which help stretch the skin and create a more rounded appearance. Patients with broad or thick pectoralis muscles may benefit from implants placed above the muscle to allow for fuller expansion of the skin and to create a prettier and rounder shape. For extremely thin patients, the implants may need to be placed under the muscle or in the dual-plane, which involves a partial placement of the implant under the muscle and a partial placement below the skin.

Dr. Q prefers to use an inframammary incision for breast augmentation as it provides a fuller placement of the implant and reduces the risk of bacterial contamination that may occur with peri-areolar incisions. Patients with their own breast tissue or looser skin envelopes may also benefit from silicone gel implants. Dr. Q takes pride in providing the best possible outcome for every patient, helping them to feel confident and beautiful.

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